I'm Keira. Welcome to Style Posse, my online blog dedicated to all things pretty. Leave your shoes at the door, and come on in!

Are you new here? I recommend checking out my first post first - we all started somewhere. (But maybe I just started in the wrong place.) (;

I'm a college student living in Los Angeles, California, although my real heart belongs to the Eastern Coast in New York, where I grew up. I'd like to call myself different from other style bloggers and gurus, because my style is relatable, wearable, and comfortable, and I'm one of those few bloggers out there that don't accept product review requests from companies, but then again, I do live in LA (where every single blogger and Youtuber lives, ugh) and I do have the Hayworth jewelry armoire from Pier One (again, like every single blogger and Youtuber has, ugh).

Bottom line: I'm a broke 19-year-old with Forever 21 sunglasses living on chips + hummus and Ramen noodles. (And a non-profit blogger.) Maybe if you stay awhile, my honest opinions on those ridiculous $20-for-3 OPI Nail Polishes will rub off on you. Just maybe.

Xo, K

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