Saturday, August 11, 2012

Comfortable Fashion

Ditch that dude who declared that real fashion isn't comfortable. And maybe, set his pants on fire, too. (Just make sure that he doesn't turn out as fabulous as Katniss did.)

Today, I'm bringing a post of comfortable-yet-trendy style your way! Because, hands up, who actually lounges at home on Sundays with their pants on? (Okay...maybe not everyone, but you get the point.)

Bouncing around in boxers isn't exactly the the chic-est thing of the moment, but why not try:

Glam-up your PJ's by cutting off the sleeves, neckline, or just dusting glitter over it. No sewing or killing instincts required!

Using traditional dye, ombre the tips of your shorts or stud the corners!

Tie your hair back into a low ponytail, leaving two thick strands of hair at the front of your face. Twist those two strands back, secure with an elastic, and flip it into the low ponytail. Additionally, instead of flipping the strands, weave it around the ponytail elastic to cover it and secure the strands at the same time.

How's that liar, liar, pants on fire scheme going so far? (;

Hugs and Kisses, K

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Disclaimer and Blah:
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